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Who are we?

TORSKAL is an international biotech/medtech company, pioneer in green nanotechnology. We design Gold nanoparticles for cancer therapy using green chemistry. Committed since 2015 in the development of a new generation of non-toxic and eco-friendly nanomaterials for the physical destruction of tumors. Indian Ocean endemic plants replace the conventional chemicals.

OUR VISION: To impact in a sustainable way the cancer therapy using a green chemistry approach. These products are used for physical destruction of tumors as first line treatment of skin cancers or in combination with existing treatments. This is plasmonic nanophototherapy promises with efficiency and reducing of inaesthetic scars.

Founded in 2015 by the inventor of the patent, PhD in material chemistry & alumni of Sorbonne university, TORSKAL rapidly became a growing start-up backed today and in the past by a network of international experts and multidisciplinary top-leading academic research labs (CEA Marcoule, Sorbonne University, Bordeaux University, Reunion island University, Paris Pasteur Institute, GIP CYROI). Our focus is on oncology with several nanotheranostics (monitoring and treatment) candidates in development, and our first one, Nanotheranostics Project – NT1 is entering pilot clinical investigation in skin cancer.

Our team working with lyophilised plant extract, plant powder and dried plant leaves

Key data

  • 3 patents
  • 2 cosmetics brands owned in EU and Asia
  • 2 safety & efficacy POC for clinical development
  • 10 research partners around the world
  • 3 countries Reunion island, continental France, China
  • 2 millions euros raised (including dilutive and non dilutive)

Our gold nanoparticles produced from a patented method using green chemistry will have the following benefits in cancer therapy:

  • Minimized side effects on patient’s body

  • Single dose to destroy cancer cells

  • Treats only the cancer cells without affecting healthy cells

  • Non-toxic as they are developed from green chemistry

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The goal of our health research programs

To find new therapeutic solutions while enhancing the value of the bio-resources that are themselves involved in the manufacture of nanoparticles (NPs).

Revolutionizing cancer care

Our synthesis process ‘know-how’ to obtain versatile NPs leads to many therapeutic strategy combinations

Responsible approach

We use ethical gold sourced from responsible mining organization to develop our gold nanoparticles

Non-toxic method

Due to green chemistry method, our gold NPs are non-toxic, inert, non-oxidizable, and also biocompatible

Ecological process

Green synthesis of NPs without the use of organic solvents & leveraging the Indian Ocean biodiversity

Our Research

All our research programs from skin cancer, deep cancer, nanoparticles to medicinal plant selection.

Nanotheranostics Project - NT1

Nanotheranostics Project – NT1 is our first and main program. It relates to the treatment of skin cancers by photothermal therapy combined with our patented gold nanoparticles. The product is a class 3 medical device and it is planned to undergo clinical trials in 2022.

Deep Cancer Project - NT2

Deep Cancer project – NT2 aims to develop new nanotheranostics for the treatment of deep cancers. We are currently working to optimize the couple nanoparticles – irradiation modalities by testing different types of nanoparticles. This project is currently in the drug design phase.

Dermoscosmetics - Nanoflower Project

Nanoflower Project aims to develop a new cosmetic ingredient using gold particles that is distinct from that used in health. They are larger and are not absorbed through the skin. When combined with light therapy, they provide skin protection properties after radiotherapy.

The Synthesis of Nanoparticles

The nanoparticles (NPs) offered by TORSKAL are produced by green chemistry with crude and/or purified extracts from plants. These extracts have double action of reducing the metal and stabilizing the formed NPs. During synthesis, they can be modulated by various factors.

Medicinal Plant Selection

TORSKAL devotes part of its research activities to the screening of new plant species available in Reunion Island in order to develop new nanotheranostics solutions. Before selecting them, we consider the possible in vivo side effects induced by their extracts.

Our Scientific Research Services

With nearly 7 years of experience in scientific research and development, TORSKAL has developed expertise across various domains including nanotechnology, biology, phytochemistry, among others.


Our Gold Nanoparticles

TORSKAL offers 2 ranges of gold nanoparticles (Green synthesis range and the Turkevich synthesis range)

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