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Who are we?

As a pioneer of green nanotechnology in the world, we have developed gold nanoparticles by means of a patented and environmentally friendly process, using medicinal plant extracts from the Indian ocean to treat cancer. Our goal is to destroy tumor cells in a single dose by the action of heat.

We are committed to expanding France’s influence in Asia through a joint venture from preclinical trials. The research and production of nanoparticles has been relocated to China, Reunion Island, France and Germany and we are proud to announce the launch of our first phase of human clinical trials in France in 2021.

Our team working with lyophilised plant extract, plant powder and dried plant leaves

Our patented way of producing gold nanoparticles from green chemistry has the following benefits in cancer therapy:

  • Minimized side effects on patient’s body

  • Single dose to destroy cancer cells

  • Treats only the cancer cells without affecting healthy cells

  • Non-toxic as they are obtained by green chemistry

The goal of our health research programs:

To find new therapeutic solutions while enhancing the value of the bio-resources that are themselves involved in the manufacture of nanoparticles.

  • We are responsible – We use gold obtained from responsible miners to develop our gold nanoparticles
  • Strong innovations – Our gold nanoparticles are developed by means of a patented process
  • Institutional partners – More than 10 research partners in European Union, China and India
  • Ecological process – Our nanoparticles are developed by means of an ecological process

Our research

The Nanotheranostic project, NT1 is the first program carried by TORSKAL. It relates to the treatment of surface cancers (of the skin) by plasmonic phototherapy induced by irradiation in the near IR.

The product is a class 3 medical device, consisting of gold nanoparticles designed by green chemistry.

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The NT2 project aims to develop new nanotheranostics for the treatment of deep cancers such as prostate and pancreatic cancers. We use other irradiation modalities in order to reach the organs in depth.

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The Nanoflower project aims to develop a new cosmetic ingredient. The gold particle is distinct from that used in health. These gold particles are larger and are not absorbed through the skin. They form a protective barrier and when combined with light therapy, provide skin protection properties after radiotherapy.

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The nanoparticles offered by Torskal are produced by green chemistry (by bio-reduction of metal salts HAuCl4), with crude and / or purified extracts from plants.

These extracts have the double action of reducing the metal and stabilizing the nanoparticle formed. The size and shape of the nanoparticles formed can be modulated by various factors during the synthesis.

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In addition to its Nanotheranostics project where two endemic plants have been selected to produce its products, Torskal devotes part of its research activities to the screening of new plant species available on Reunion Island and to the development of new nanotheranostic solutions in response to societal expectations.

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