[TORSKAL] Gold, plants and technology to cure cancer – with Anne-Laure Morel

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In episode 3 of season 2 of Expedition Tech, Anne-Laure Morel, founder of TORSKAL, explains her research project in “green nanotechnology” to save lives.

October 7, 2021 – As published on Neftys (Translated)

Imagine a world where gold would no longer be only a resource to get rich. Where plants would no longer be solely responsible for the oxygen we breathe. What if gold and plants had a real medicinal impact? And what if tomorrow they could help us treat certain types of cancer in a sustainable way?

Thanks to the expertise of Torskal BioTech, this could soon be our world. In episode 3 of season 2 of Expedition Tech, Anne-Laure Morel, founder of Torskal, explains her “green nanotechnology” research project to save lives.

Anne-Laure Morel is…

The founder of Torskal, a PhD in chemistry and materials physics, has developed a pioneering, non-invasive technology to fight cancer.

Anne-Laure Morel has been interested in nanoparticles since the beginning of her career. She undertook a master’s degree in bio-organic chemistry, then a thesis in physical chemistry of materials. She is passionate about research into the treatment of tumor cells… As is her desire to discover the world of entrepreneurship and business.

After starting her career in a laboratory, she spent a few years in a consulting firm specializing in research taxation and innovation marketing. Her goal? To accompany researchers in their economic development projects and to understand the entrepreneurial environment. She then returned to the land of her origins: La Réunion. It is here that she created Torskal, in 2015.


A pioneer company in “Green Nanomedicine”. It develops an ecological process that combines gold nanoparticles with plant extracts from the Reunion Island.

This patented technology allows to heat the gold nanoparticles with a laser that generates heat to kill tumor cells with precision. A process that significantly reduces severe side effects compared to other existing techniques.

Ready to go behind the scenes of this major project?