1. Scientific Integrity

We follow the ANR’s charter of ethics and scientific integrity, which expresses the general meaning, principles and rules of action and behavior that all internal and external collaborators, and its directors, undertake to respect in the activities they carry out.

Scientific integrity refers to the set of rules and values that must govern the research activity in order to guarantee its honest and scientifically rigorous nature. Compliance with these rules is an indispensable condition for maintaining the bond of trust granted by society to those involved in research.

2. Sustainable Development Objectives

All along the value chain, we have traceability objectives for our health and Social and Environmental responsibility product. We wish to integrate Sustainable Development Objectives (SDO) into our corporate strategy and thus boost and bring meaning to our innovation.

  • Health – Anti-cancer : TORSKAL is working to develop products that allow more specific treatment of certain early cancers while generating fewer side effects. The products offered have the advantage of,
  • Visualize cancer cells and monitor the treatment
  • Treating cancer cells with hyperthermia
  • Not toxic to the organism and biocompatible
  • Contributing to the local economy by promoting plant biodiversity while exploiting local bio-resources in a respectful manner
  • Gold Supply – Ethical Gold : Gold is the metal that can be opaque about its origin (industrial, artisanal or illegal mining) as well as its working conditions. Fair trade gold brings transparency to this sector. It allows for the traceability of the gold extracted and throughout its production chain.

    We are committed to Corporate Social Responsibility in all our works and it gives us immense pleasure to be the first company in the pharmaceuticals sector to partner with Fairmined Gold. Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations who meet world leading standards for responsible practices.

    Being the first to develop nanomaterials that respect the environment and the patients, gold is one of the main components of our manufacturing process. In parallel with our health activity, we developed a range of cosmetics from Fairmined gold particles, obtained by ecological processes and plants in Reunion.

    Our approach to corporate social responsibility could only be coherent by integrating an ethical and responsible gold in our protocol. It is one of the few standards that guarantees responsible and ethical gold for the design of our green nanomaterials. It is a quality gold that meets the criteria of green chemistry that we apply in our laboratory. We have reduced or eliminated toxic compounds from our processes.

Fairmined Gold - Logo

I hope that we can change the face of gold to pharmaceutical companies and researchers who did not believe that it was possible to extract gold in a responsible and respectful way

– Anne-Laure Morel, Founder & President

  • Animal tests : They are carried out at CYROI (Reunion-France) which has an approved animal facility for animal experimentation on rodents (rats and mice) according to the prefectoral decree 2009/0126. The CYROI also has an ethical committee that guarantees the well-being of the animal. The animal experimentation protocols are examined beforehand within the CYROI ethics committee.

  • Supply of plants in respect of the environment : These plants come from an agricultural cooperative that federates local farmers. The plants come from small farms untreated and/or regrowth, untreated natural wasteland. The plants are not listed in Appendices I, II and III of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. Priority is given to the valorization of endemic/indigenous species already cultivated in Reunion.

Plants from the Réunion Island