What we offer?

With nearly 7 years of experience in scientific research and development, TORSKAL has developed expertise across various domains including nanotechnology, biology, phytochemistry, among others. With this expertise, we offer you research services in the following domains with superior support to fulfil your project needs.

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TORSKAL is approved for CIR (Crédit Impôt Recherche) by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research which allows some of our clients working in R&D to deduct certain services entrusted to us

1. Nanotechnology

Our scientific team has been built to fulfill any research experiments in the field of nanotechnology and more particularly in nanotech applied to health. Based on our considerable experience, we can assist your lab in its research project to make you win time to prepare the next development steps of your product. From the design of the nanoparticles to the coating and the nano-characterization, our experienced scientific team can help you go faster and custom assay design to best fit your project.

Biology Service

2. Biology

TORSKAL is a preclinical biotech company composed of a competent team of biology researchers with access to two fully equipped laboratories in La Réunion Island and Paris. Our researchers are able to perform experimentations in biology, i.e. in vitro and in vivo preclinical assays in efficacy studies, toxicity studies and also biodistribution. Accelerate your oncology program by using our expertise.

3. Phytochemistry

We offer you tailor-made support throughout your research & development stages of innovative natural ingredients. With our expertise in eco-processes, we support you in the development & optimization of more environmentally friendly extraction processes, by working on two main axes: the use of innovative & efficient technologies (ASE350) and the use of green solvents. This allows us to identify the major compounds, isolate and characterize the biomolecules according to green chemistry.

Phytochemistry Service
Other research services

4. Partner Services

Thanks to our worldwide and competent partners, we are able to diversify the portfolio of research services we are offering. In mutual technological and intellectual support, we are offering a wide diversity of Environmental Services in domains like Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Water, Air and Surface Analysis. Similarly we offer Biological Services in Radiochemistry and Small Animal Imaging, Microbiology and Toxicology, NMR analysis and Molecular Biology.