TORSKAL partners with Fairmined, uses gold sourced from responsible miners to develop gold nanoparticles

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16 Dec, 2019 – As published on Fairmined Organization

Fairmined is an assurance label that certifies gold from empowered responsible artisanal and small-scale mining organizations who meet world leading standards for responsible practices

Fairmined gold will be used in the medical field to improve the lives of cancer patients. The Torskal startup, specialized in nanomedicine and located on Reunion Island, is the first brand in this sector to work with Fairmined gold. We spoke with Anne-Laure Morel, researcher and founder of Torskal, who told us about the development of ecological cure against cancer and the use of Fairmined gold in this process.

What is Torskal?

Torskal is a young and innovative company. We specialize in nanomedicine, that is, we design metal nanoparticles, in particular gold nanoparticles, using green chemistry, for the treatment of cancer. We have replaced synthetic chemical compounds with extracts of medicinal plants, which are listed in the French pharmacopoeia. Our medical challenge is to manufacture a new generation of cancer drugs, ecological and non-toxic for the patient.

How do they use Fairmined gold?

In the area of nanomedicine and research, we are pioneers in green chemistry. In other words, we are the first to develop nanomaterials that respect the environment and the patient. Gold is one of the main components of our manufacturing process, we are now changing our processes to integrate the Fairmined responsible Gold. I would like to thank Patrick Schein from Gold by Gold for processing the Fairmined Gold in metallic salt. Parallel to our activity in the medical field, we developed a range of cosmetics from Fairmined gold particles, obtained through ecological processes and Reunion plants.

Why did they decide to work with Fairmined?

When analyzing the life cycle of our product, we have realized that gold remains a very controversial material with its traceability and extraction processes. The only way to be consistent with our corporate social responsibility approach is by integrating an ethical and responsible gold in our protocol.

It is one of the few standards that guarantee responsible and ethical gold for the design of our green nanomaterials. It is a quality gold that meets the criteria of green chemistry that we apply in our laboratory. We have reduced toxic compounds from our processes.

Anne-Laure Morel

“I hope we can change the image of gold to pharmaceutical companies and researchers who did not believe it was possible to extract gold in a responsible and considerate way”

– Anne-Laure Morel, Founder & President, TORSKAL

Fairmined gold is the guarantee that we use a more environmentally friendly gold in the patient’s body. Working with Fairmined, we hope we can change the image of gold to pharmaceutical companies and researchers who did not believe it was possible to extract gold in a responsible and respectful manner.

What impact will your product made with Fairmined gold have?

The conventional anticancer drugs currently on the market are drugs that act in a toxic way; they destroy tumor cells, but also healthy cells.

Often, we forget that the patient’s body is a battlefield. Some patients who are already very weakened by the disease cannot support chemotherapy which produces many side effects. Our challenge is to reduce side effects and destroy tumor cells in a single dose with heat without affecting healthy tissue by using our gold nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are mediators of hyperthermia. There is currently no equivalent product in the world.