TORSKAL partners with Clinifutur group; clinical trials to begin during the last quarter of 2021

TORSKAL partners with Clinifutur group

Dec 08, 2020 – As published on Imazpress

Torskal approaches the start of phase 1 clinical trials for the validation of Nanotheranostic, a treatment for skin cancer using near infrared (IR) radiation-induced plasmonic phototherapy, the Clinifutur group, founded by Dr. Michel Deleflie, has just acquired a stake in the start-up to support it in a long-term partnership.

Clinifutur had already intervened to support the research of the Torskal team on the evaluation of gold nanoparticles (NP) as – potentiator of radiotherapy (radioenhancer) and as mediator of hyperthermia by plasmonic phototherapy. These gold nanoparticles are obtained by using the bio-reducing potential of plant extracts from Réunion’s biodiversity.

Anne-Laure Morel, founding president of Torskal, Ph.D. in the physical chemistry of materials and a master’s degree in structural biochemistry, specifies that these unprecedented trials will be conducted at the Clinique Sainte-Clotilde (CSC), in association with Drs. Mickaël Bègue and Youssef Slama, respectively radiation oncologist and head of the radiophysics unit at the CSC, and Antoine Bertolotti, dermatologist at the CHU de Saint-Pierre. In metropolitan France, parallel clinical trials will be conducted in collaboration with a public hospital.

Anne-Laure Morel with Gold Nanoparticles

Innovative treatments based on “green nanotechnology”

Overall, this phase of clinical trials will involve, over one year, 30 to 60 people divided into two different cohorts, subject to strictly identical protocols. These trials are preceded by the transmission of all scientific data relating to this therapeutic to the French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), which guarantees the safety of health products and therapeutics. In this case, the trials are expected to begin in the last quarter of 2021.

Anne-Laure Morel welcomes the support of Clinifutur, a highly innovative oncology and radiotherapy company in La Réunion. She emphasizes the promising combination of proven technologies and innovative treatments derived from “green nanotechnology”. Torskal is in fact developing gold nanoparticles applied to cancer treatment using green chemistry. Ms. Morel hopes to provide patients with a more precise, more effective and less painful treatment than existing phototherapies and an alternative to chemotherapy.

For the light-skinned population of Reunion, regardless of origin, the incidence rate of cutaneous melanoma (CM) in 2015 is equivalent to that found in Australia. This can be explained by the fact that in Reunion Island the UV indices are high all year round. It also appears that the number of CDs has increased 5-fold in 10 years and that every year 100 new cases are registered.

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