A complete interview with Lets Go France related to research & development, Torskal’s vision, etc.

28 Feb, 2020 – As published on Lets Go France

The Reunionese company Torskal is looking around the world for a cancer treatment combining nanotechnology and green chemistry. Like other biotechs, the health crisis at Covid-19 is challenging its prospects. Anne-Laure Morel, CEO and founder, wants to invest in new partnerships, with her eyes set on the international scene.

Following the health crisis, has there been an awareness of the French research & development ecosystem?

Like other biotechs, we have been solicited by laboratories, large groups, technology transfer services and universities, to find together a Covid-19 test solution. Our businesses have thus benefited from a new media visibility and the general public has discovered the organization and the vivacity of French research. They also understood what is at stake. Our landscape is organized between fundamental research, often public, applied research, on the private side, and experimental development, carried by both at the same time. Cut the budget of one and the other two will suffer. If we put an end to allocations for basic research, it is the medium-term end of all innovation on French territory. It is the combination of these different modes of research that makes French excellence. Beyond budgets, it is cooperation frameworks that are necessary to multiply our research tenfold, which has been put to the test during the health crisis.

What role for R&D companies in France’s recovery plan?

We cannot envisage economic recovery without the contribution of research companies. They are the driving force behind France’s attractiveness and its international influence. Research makes our companies competitive in high value-added activities.

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